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Jonatan Archer-Newmen

Jonatan Archer-Newmen is a well-respected writer and expert in the iGaming industry. With over a decade of experience, his insights and analyses have contributed significantly to the growth and understanding of online gaming.


Jonatan’s passion for gaming started at a young age. He pursued his interests academically, earning a degree in Game Design and Development. After graduation, Jonatan worked in various roles within the gaming industry, including game design, marketing, and content creation.

iGaming Writing Career

In 2012, Jonatan decided to specialize in iGaming, merging his love for writing with his gaming expertise. He quickly became a sought-after writer, known for his articulate, well-researched articles, and engaging content.

His writings cover a broad spectrum of topics, including:

  • Game Reviews: Detailed analysis of various online casino games.
  • Regulatory Insights: Commentary on legal and regulatory developments in iGaming.
  • Strategy Guides: Comprehensive guides to help players enhance their gaming skills.
  • Market Trends: Exploration of emerging trends and innovations in the iGaming industry.

Jonatan’s work has appeared in leading iGaming publications, online casinos, and gaming forums. His unique ability to translate complex subjects into relatable content has made him a favorite among both beginners and seasoned players.

He is also an advocate for responsible gambling and has written extensively on the subject, educating players about safe gaming practices.

Jonatan currently works as a freelance writer and consultant, collaborating with various iGaming companies and platforms. He is also a regular speaker at gaming conferences and webinars.

Jonatan Archer-Newmen’s dedication, knowledge, and eloquence set him apart in the iGaming community. His writings not only entertain and inform but also contribute to the growth and integrity of the online gaming world. Whether you’re a player, a developer, or an enthusiast, Jonatan’s insights are sure to provide valuable perspectives on the dynamic landscape of iGaming.

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